One of our main strengths is to make customized power conditioners without any extra cost. You can achieve the best value for money and get the best results with a custom-made conditioner. Along with our technical expertise, you will decide which are the components you want to invest more.

There are many factors that can affect the performance of your power conditioner and your system, such as geographic location, components’ power consumption, and even the type of components used. All of these factors shall be taken into account in the power conditioner architecture and design. A Standard power conditioner is designed to deal with average correction values ensuring the best performance in any situation, but it cannot get the same grade of performance of a customized version designed to a specific scenario.

By purchasing a customized power conditioner you can get the best design to your system’s needs, the best performance results and you can decide which parts you want to upgrade to feed your critical components and which parts do you want to downgrade to less important components.

System Components Related Factors

  • Power Comsuption

    The Power Factor Correction needed to achieve the perfect power factor is directly affected by the power consumption of the connected components. So, the power factor correction will be more accurate if you provide us information about your system and components.

  • Component Power Factor Degradation

    Every component operation degrade power factor of neighbor components but in different quantities. As our power conditioner as individual power factor correction, we can easily deal with this problem if we know the components you intend to connect to the power conditioner. This way, the power factor will be near 100% even with all components in operation.

  • Self-Generated Noise

    Our Power Conditioner blocks the self-noise emitted from each connected component avoiding cross contamination. But the amount of self-noise changes from component to component and can be also tuned to deal with components that more likely to generate noise.

  • Components Type

    Some components are more susceptible to some type of noises and can get better results with specific type of filters. It is very important for us to know your system because, for example, a Class D amplifier needs a complete different filter than a Class A amplifier or, even power hungry components have different needs than an integrated amplifier.

  • Upgrade Filters

    You can upgrade some filter parts or change the design to feed the critical components of your system to get the best results and downgrade parts of filters connected to less important ones to reduce the final price.

Location Related Factors

  • Power Factor

    Power Factor value is different from country to country. It is worst in big cities or near industrial zones. If we design the Power Factor Correction section of the power conditioner to meet your location needs, we can get near perfect final Power Factor.

  • Noise

    The type and quantity of noise present in your power grid are strongly affected by your surrounding environment and location. To deal with this we can tune the filter present in the power conditioner in order to provide the best clear power.

Usability Related Factors

  • Outlet Quantity

    You can add outlets to feed more components or reduce unwanted outlets in order to reduce final price.

  • Direct Cables

    If flexibility is not a priority to you, you can remove outlets and use direct power cables. “No connection is better than no connection”. By removing outlets you can get the best result and reduce the price of the power conditioner.

  • Outlet Quality

    You can upgrade some outlets and downgrade others in order to get the best performance of the most important components and reduce price in other ones. In this way you can get the best value for money for the intend of your use.


To order a customize version, you just need to contact us through our contact form and let us know more about your system, location and needs. Based on our experience and expertise, we will then advise you which components you can upgrade and downgrade, and we will design an exclusive power conditioner for you.

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